Business Security

A great way to be able to check in on your business when you’re not there

Storage, Commercial, Retail, Office, or Food & Beverage. Stay in control of your business with recognized industry leader. Call 888-999-5589 ext. 1 to discover what monitored customized Savvy Security Solution is right for you. Order your monitored Savvy Security System today.
Package $16
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Digital Keypad πŸ˜€
Backup Battery πŸ˜€
Power Supply πŸ˜€
High Decibel Siren πŸ˜€
3 Door/Window Sensors πŸ˜€
Infrared Motion Detector πŸ˜€
Wireless Keychain Remote πŸ˜€
Wireless Radio Monitoring πŸ˜€
Smartphone App πŸ˜€
Commercial Reports πŸ˜€
Inactivity Alerts πŸ˜€
Open/Close Event Notifications πŸ˜€
Remote Arming/Disarming πŸ˜€
Scheduled Arm/Disarm πŸ˜€
Sensor Activity Monitoring for 50 sensors πŸ˜€
User Code Management πŸ˜€
1 Hour Supervision πŸ˜€
Enterprise Energy πŸ˜€
Enterprise Security Console πŸ˜€
Images – Alarms πŸ˜€
Images – Plus (40 images by default) πŸ˜€
Irrigation Control (Rachio) πŸ˜€
Lights πŸ˜€
Locks πŸ˜€
Lutron Integration πŸ˜€
Severe Weather Alerts πŸ˜€
Thermostats πŸ˜€
Water Management πŸ˜€
Enterprise Reporting πŸ˜€
Video Monitoring πŸ˜€
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Home Security
Get business monitoring solutions that offer 24-hour coverage starting at $7 per week. Get a FREE Quote – Call Now 888-999-5589 ext. 1
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Learn more about how Savvy Security Systems help keep America’s businesses safe.

Savvy Controls Installation FAQsΒ 

Once you have purchased monitored Savvy Security System, a trained alarm technician will install the security system in your business. Professional installation will provide you with the opportunity to ask questions, and to receive instructions on how to correctly use the Savvy Security System. Our professional installation is quick and hassle-free.

Q. How much will I pay for the Savvy Security System equipment?
A: When you purchase monitored Savvy Security System, you will receive the equipment for FREE. The monitored Savvy Security System is valued at $1,095. The only upfront cost you will pay is the cost of a professional installation.

Q: What is the cost of professionally installed Savvy Security System?
A: You will be charged a one-time installation fee of $99.

Q: Can I get a free installation?
A: No. But, you may be able to receive at no additional cost a weekend, or before/after business hours installation. Call our security representative at 888-999-5589 ext. 2 and ask about installation specials during before/after business hours and weekends.

Q: How do I schedule my installation appointment?
A: Once you have purchased Savvy Security System, you can immediately schedule your professional installation at a time that works best for your by calling 888-999-5589 ext. 2.

Q: Who will install my Savvy Security System?
A: An experienced, professionally trained alarm technician will install your Savvy Security System. All technicians are registered with the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation.

Q: How much time does it take to have my monitored Savvy Security System installed?
A: Installations very based on the complexity of the system and settings of the installation site. An average installation takes approximately 4 to 8 hours.


Insurance Certificate

Get potential insurance discount by installing a monitored security system in your business. Check with your insurance agent to find out if you’re eligible.

Money-Back Guarantee

Get all monitoring fees refunded if you’re dissatisfied with products or services within 30 days from the date of your purchase.