Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Fireplace Hazards: Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as sitting by a crackling fireplace in winter . Except, perhaps, going to bed afterwards knowing that your family and your property is protected from accidental fire and smoke hazards.

AlarmSavvy, Co. Smart Security System alerts people in the home in the event of a fire or Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection 24/7 even when the security system is not turned on. Your family, your neighbors, and the central station can get a real-time notifications, so you’re aware of the danger no matter where you are. Professional help will be on the way.

When using Rules ans Scenes your Smart Security System will also turn on your lights on to ensure a safe exit, shut down your HVAC system to prevent smoke spreading through the house, and unlock the doors automatically so you and your loved ones can exit safely.