Facial Recognition

How to find a needle in a haystack

Identify, verify, or to recognize a person with a camera that supports facial recognition is an efficient solution. It can help you improve customer service and protect your assets by identifying employees, important customers, or potential perpetrators. Facial recognition is a perfect complement to your Smart Security System.

Facial Recognition in Access Control Systems

The human face is made up of characteristics that can be used by security systems to distinguish one individual from another.

Facial Recognition in Video Surveillance

The video surveillance cameras automatically capture the face of the person trying to enter the premise and match their identity with their Access Control credentials. Every time a person enters, cameras see that person under different lighting, from different angles, and by different cameras.   As people’s hair/glasses/apparel change over time, the Smart Security System automatically learns and updates the information in its database to make accurate identifications.

Extremely Fast Processing

No bottlenecks caused by the traditional bio-metric readers. Images can be stored locally, or in a secure cloud environment.