Fleet Management and GPS Tracking

Stay connected to your drivers and your assets

Valuable Fleet Management and GPS Tracking Services from AlarmSavvy, Co. enables tracking of your fleet of vehicles, so you can stay more connected to your drivers and assets.  Add GPS Tracking Services and valuable fleet management capabilities to your business, it is more affordable then ever. Available through web-enabled devices such as computers, iPads, Smartphones, Android and iOS-Apple platforms. AlarmSavvy, Co. Fleet Management offer small business owners the ability to compare driver activity, improve safety and reduce liability and operating costs for up to 20 vehicles in a fleet from anywhere.

A set of views and reports offer users a better understanding of fleet activity. Added fleet management features provides data analytics which may help small business owners:

  • Improve driver safety
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Monitoring driver performance
  • Monitor unauthorized stops
  • Select Distance to Location to determine the closest vehicles in the field and display turn by turn directions
  • Ensure accurate routing and more!

Just a few examples of how AlarmSavvy, Co. Fleet Management and GPS Tracking may help you are Business Analytics, Reduce Your Liability, Provide Evidence in an Event of a Traffic Collision, Tickets, or Driver Misuse of Company Vehicle. AlarmSavvy, Co. Fleet Management and Tracking Services includes the following key reports:

  • Device Listings
  • Battery Status
  • Events
  • Exceptions
  • Ignition On/Off
  • Locations
  • Speed
  • Stops

AlarmSavvy, Co. Fleet Management & GPS Tracking Services features may help to reduce operation costs and liability. It provides the insights you need to monitor and track fleet vehicles and improve employee and asset safety.