Security of Your Doors

Reinforce Your Doors

A few times in my law enforcement career, I got the opportunity to kick in a door. It is amazingly easy and fast.  It only takes about 5 seconds and you are in.  The door and the lock can be strong, but it doesn’t matter.  It’s the door frame itself that brakes and gives way; locks don’t have to be picked at all.

FBI statistics show that 65% of break-ins occur by forced-entry into the front, back, side, or garage service doors.  Additional 12% of entries occur when burglars find your “hidden” key, or they simply walk in because you left your door unlocked.  That totals  77%, but they all might have been prevented with a smart security system from AlarmSavvy, Co.

According to the research study, “Knowing Your Odds: Home Burglary and the Odds Ratio,” by S. Hakim, G. Renger and Y. Shachamurove, City College of New York and University of Pennsylvania, Sept. 2000), your house is at a greater risk of brake-in if:

  • It sits on a corner lot
  • It’s close to a major highway exit
  • It’s on a through street, which gives burglars a quicker escape
  • It borders a wooded area or playground
  • It’s in a wealthier neighborhood
  • There are no indications of young children living in the house
  • It was recently purchased

Effective burglary deterrents:

  • Burglar alarm installed by AlarmSavvy, Co.
  • Deadbolt locks on all doors
  • House is occupied
  • Newspaper and mail picked up every day
  • Lights and noise (TV, radio) inside the house
  • Car in the driveway
  • Motion-activated exterior lights
  • Dog inside