Video Surveillance

Unparalleled safety through rules and video analytics.

Video monitoring solutions that deliver robust system integration and intelligent video surveillance to residential and commercial applications. Backed by over twenty years of research and development we are revolutionizing the way you see video surveillance. Using seven analytic rules, our trained technicians create customized, virtual boundaries that extend beyond the walls of the customer’s property out to the perimeter.

Intelligent Video Cameras

Using analytic rules can proactively deter potential events or unwanted guests and reduce false positives by up to 97%, so you’ll save time and effort for the work that really matters. Using size-based object tracking analytics are set up to create precise events using trigger variables, so each camera can distinguish between a small dog, a human, and a vehicle.

Camera To Camera Communication

When using a mix of fixed dome or bullet cameras and PTZ cameras, your system could now communicate with an auto-tracking camera, so any event or possible intrusion can be immediatly tracked.

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Analytics in Action

Watch videos below to see examples of the analytic rules and other capabilities that are built into the cameras. All footage is unedited.

Double Trip Wire Object Abandonment Missing Object

Double Trip Wire

When dual lines are crossed by an object of a predetermined size range – like a person walking past, or a car or delivery truck driving up – cameras generate alerts or notifications.

Object Abandonment

Expecting a delivery? Analytics can monitor when packages or other stationary objects are left behind on your property.

Missing Object

Make sure that your special delivery or other objects on your property don’t walk away. Monitor when and why a stationary object is removed from the site.

Perimeter Loitering Trip Wire


Track people as they enter or exit a pre-defined area, like walking within a certain distance of the front door.


Receive alerts when parked cars or a person enter a particular zone for pre-determined amounts of time.

Trip Wire

A version of the Double Trip Wire, a single trip line generates an alert whenever a pre-configured line is crossed, regardless of the object’s speed.

Free Pre-Install System Design

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